407 Tattoo & Piercing Studio

As we “soft” open we will protect you and ourselves by limiting exposure.

Sorry, no guests will be allowed to accompany you for your scheduled appointment during this time.

We will be doing all consultations via email. If you would like to proceed with a consultation please send the following to mailto:the407tattoostudio@gmail.com

Emails received on Sunday and Monday will be responded to on Tuesday.

-Reference picture or detailed description of the tattoo you would like

– Size that you would like tattoo to be

-A picture of the area on your body you would like the tattoo

-Do you want Black & Grey or Color?

-Style of tattooing


Thank you everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon!

Remember that we’re here to help everyone and taking an appointment you may not be able to make will prevent others from getting highly sought after spots. We will be as accommodating as possible but please remember both Paul and Kim book well in advance.

407 Tattoo and Piercing

407 Tattoo and Piercing Studio

13520 Jefferson Davis Highway
Woodbridge, VA 22191




407 Tattoo

We strive to provide excellent customer service, a friendly atmosphere and above all else, high quality tattoos and piercings that you can be proud of!

Free consultations are available anytime during business hours. Questions regarding tattoo ideas and piercings all the way to sterilization and hygiene are all welcome! Paul is happy to answer any of them. Paul is booked out often months in advance, however he brings in guest artists frequently who are available for sooner appointments. Check here often or Paul’s Facebook to see which guest artist will appear next. 

Paul’s portfolio is viewable online as well as in the shop.

At Paul Loh's 407 Tattoo & Pieercing Studio

19 responses to “407 Tattoo & Piercing Studio

  1. Just went by and talked to Paul with a quick question and he took the time to look at my Tat and explain in Detail what I needed to do with my Fresh Tattoo that he did. What a great person. My Re-Worked Ugly Tattoo is now Awesome!!! He is Amazing… Great Artist and did it Free Hand. Grateful. Looking forward to the Fresh Work he will do on me….


  2. Great shop, Awesome tattoo, stoked, thanks much Jason.. Knocked it out of the park. I will be back for the other piece. Again, thanks much.. Peace


  3. Dedicated to providing high quality work, Paul never fails to perform beyond expectations. After doing research on Paul, I met and scheduled 70 hours for a lengthy piece. I was told that I’d be put on the waiting list that is around 9 months long. This didn’t deter me because a 9 month wait for high quality work that will be visible on my body for the rest of my life, seemed to me to be only a small sacrifice.

    The receptionist told me that I could possibly get in sooner if cancellations occur. So I waited and called every 2 – 3 weeks for possible openings. As a result, I’ve had 12 hours of work done, 7 months sooner than what was originally scheduled. I still have my scheduled appointments at the allotted time (for the 9 month wait) but I’ve been able to get in because other people have cancelled. The long wait seems daunting but it’s realistic: quality requires patience and a little waiting. However, it’s still possible to get in sooner if you check up on cancellations.

    The high quality work by an artist who is a perfectionist with scrutinizing each and every single line done on your skin, along with the amazing atmosphere and great vibes, has resulted in unforgettable experiences at 407 Tattoo. I highly recommend 407 tattoo and the astounding work done by Paul Loh.


  4. I can not say enough good things about this man, his shop and the people that work for Paul. Always clean professional and friendly. I always feel welcomed and relaxed when I am in 407 Tattoo. I have seven pieces of art from Paul and still counting , I love his work and the way he makes everyone feel like they belong.


  5. The best shop i’ve been to, so so clean and the best environment. not to mention the artists is amazing. Paul Loh is such a professional and talented artist.


  6. Paul Loh is an impressive artist who takes his craft seriously. He is knowledgeable about infection control in tattooing, and has a certificate in Bloodborne pathogens. As a sterile processor that impressed me. His shop is clean, his techniques are safe and his work is beautiful. My tattoo healed nicely, no scanning and looks great. Very highly recommend Paul.l


  7. My mans Steven did a great job. Helped me with ideas and I got what I wanted with great quality as well. He also is probably the funniest person in the shop. Definitely gonna be coming back to see him.


  8. Steven went above and beyond, staying 2 hours past closing time to give me the tattoo I wanted. He made me feel extremely comfortable and I left the shop beyond satisfied with my experience and absolutely in love with my tattoo. Ill definitely be going back to him and telling everyone I know to get with 407 tattoo- best shop in VA.


  9. As a first tattoo, I’m looking for a small ankle (I’m a small girl) in just one color with the words…Dad, 5/17/19, xo What would something like that cost?
    Thank you


    • Hi Suzette,
      Due to the numerous variables all consultations need to be done in person. We are open Tues- Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri & Sat 11am – 11pm. Feel free to walk in at your convenience and an artist will be able to assist you.


    • We will be doing all consultations via email. If you would like to proceed with a consultation please send the following to mailto:the407tattoostudio@gmail.com

      -Artist you want to work with
      -Picture or detailed description of what you want
      – Size that you would like the tattoo to be
      -Picture of the area of body you want tattooed
      -Do you want Black & Grey or Color?
      -Style of tattooing (traditional, realistic, etc.)


  10. I believe it’s paul that does poly tat. Looking to add on from my leg pices to outside on the thigh area. Black and gray and would like to add To’a and Tamali’i part of the tattoo. P


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